TNSolver - The Thermal Network Solver

TNSolver is an open source thermal network solver written using GNU Octave, the MATLAB clone. It will run in either GNU Octave or MATLAB.


TNSolver Presentations

Octave/MATLAB Source Code

Installation Notes

  1. Download the zip file containing the TNSolver m-files and unzip it into an empty folder.
  2. Add the path to the TNSolver .m files folder in Octave/MATLAB:

Installing GNU Octave

  1. Version 4.4.1 (August 2018) of GNU Octave provides a GUI interface, with a built-in editor.
    1. GNU Octave download and install instructions for Linux/macOS/Windows is at: GNU Octave Download
    2. GNU Octave Wiki is at: GNU Octave Wiki

Example Problems

Example 5.2 Results Plot

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